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  Detailed information on search engine registration and submission tips, such as using meta tags, improving placement and how to submit URLs.

The table shows some of the features and techniques for the most common general Web search services to show how to use them and to help decide which may be the most appropriate. Each service also provides more detailed instructions. Note that some features will be available under an 'advanced', 'power' or other further search option.

   Alta Vista  Excite  FAST  Google  Hotbot  Infoseek
 Lycos  Northern Light
Other sources Usenet, sounds, pictures Usenet, news, email addresses Multimedia
 None Usenet, sounds, pictures Usenet, email addresses, news, pictures Sounds, pictures Journal articles
Implied OR, AND Implied OR Implied OR Implied AND   AND Implied AND Implied OR Implied AND Implied
+ or - Yes  Yes No  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AND, OR, NOT In Advanced Search Yes From
 No Yes No Yes Yes
Fields Title, URL, text, etc.
Uses title:
No Title, domain,
Uses title: and from menu
 No Title, domain, etc.
Uses title: or from menu
Title, URL, etc.
Uses title: or from menu
URL, title, text, etc.
Uses title: or from menu
Title, text,
URL etc.
Uses title: or from menu
Truncation Uses * No No   No Uses * No No Uses *
Adjacency (phrase) Uses " " Uses " " From
 Uses " " Uses " " or from menu Uses " " Uses " " or from menu Uses " "
Proximity Uses NEAR No No   No No No Uses NEAR or from menu No

Other sources. The service may search Internet sources other than World Wide Web pages: most commonly the message archives of Usenet newsgroups. Many also link to services providing e-mail address directories, company information and so on and may have a directory of Internet resources arranged by subject.

Implied OR, AND. Search words will be automatically OR'd together to look for pages with any of the words or AND'd to look for pages containing all of them. 

+ and -. Terms that must be present can be prefixed with + (require). Those not required can be indicated with - (reject).

AND, OR, NOT. Terms can be linked with AND to show all words must be present, eg White AND House; with OR to look for synonyms, eg football OR soccer; and NOT to exclude words. Some services have options, such as 'any words', 'all these words' which have the same purpose.

Fields. It may be possible to search, for example, just the document title or the URL. The format usually is to prefix the search term with title: or URL: or whatever.

Truncation. The system may be able to search for a number of words beginning with the same stem, eg medic* would find medical and medicine.

Adjacency. Specify that words must be next to each other, as in a phrase or person's name.

Proximity. Ensure that search words are near each other, say, in the same sentence.

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