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My name is Pascal Helou. I created this portal to share my experiences and help entrepreneurs overcome some of the challenges they face building an Internet business with limited resources.

The single greatest resource that faces entrepreneurs is time. There never seems enough time to complete the amazing amount of work that entrepreneurs face. I will try to help you avoid mistakes and save you time.

The business model is simple. This portal was created as a think tank for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have free access to business plans, technology plans, implementation plans, financial plans and models, white papers, links, resources and to each other. All I ask is that when you take something that you leave something of value so that we all benefit.

University of New Hampshire


New Hampshire College

BSEE in 1989


MBA in 1993

GlobotronI started Corp. in 1999. Globotron is an ASP portal focused on direct marketing / messaging. We are currently in our first round of financing having raised over $500,000. I have spent the last year networking in the NYC area, presenting at breakfast meetings, meeting hundreds of financial consultants, accounts, technologists and other CEO's. It has been an incredibly painful experience and the most rewarding at the same time. I intend to use  to share my experiences and save you some of the mistakes that I have made.

MedscapeAfter 12 years in the industry, I left Andersen to do consulting on my own. I consulted for, and  before they went public.

Arthur Andersen LLP While at Andersen, I led several teams of consultants on a multi-million dollars projects and helped prepare large companies for their IPO. I wrote papers on best practices in technology, Internet security, Web Site Design, Enterprize Asset Management, Strategic Facilities Planning, and helped construct the Arthur Andersen web site. 

General DataComm I lead a design team of 50 engineers developing an ATM switch. 

Cabletron Systems My first work experience was with a company that started in a garage 12 years ago. I remember having the 'engineering facility' in an abandoned building with very large holes in the walls! I was one of the first engineers at Cabletron Systems . My main task was firmware/hardware engineer for networking hardware equipment. I helped design an Ethernet to Ethernet multi-port bridge, FDDI concentrator, software tools, interfaces and the IEEE Spanning Tree Protocol for virtual networks. The job was intense with responsibilities that included debugging the hardware, writing the C, C++ and assembly code and writing the manuals. I left 6 years later when Cabletron had almost 7,000 people! 

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